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Services: Wedding Dance Lessons

We have teachers who specialize in teaching Bridal Wedding Couples or Bridal Wedding Parties how to dance the Bridal Wedding Dance. Our fees are very competitive and reasonable.

The most popular and successful choice is by the couple forming their own group or by the couple having a lesson on their own.

1 hour duration is recommended. In the past the Bridal Waltz has been the tradition, but in more recent years bridal couples like to dance to a specific tune or song. If their chosen song is not a waltz rhythm then a suitable dance will be taught to fit their music.

The number of lessons taken is entirely up to the couple. The fee is payable every lesson and there are no contracts or deposits.

Bridal couples first dance together as man and wife is an age old tradition which like many other parts of the wedding ceremony will hold very special memories forever.

wedding dance

Whether couples want to do a big “Dance Spectacular” and suprise their guests, or whether they choose to learn the basics to dance around the floor without treading on one anothers toes …. it is totally the couples choice.

It is your special day and we do our utmost to ensure your wedding dance is a pleasurable and enjoyable occasion..

Most bridal couples have lesson on their own which is very beneficial  but then the following section of the dance presentation is not programmed very well and the whole tradition deteriorates.

Something that has commenced so well dwindles away to a bit of a muddle.

We have many comments and requests in the past so hence the offer of the

“ Bridal  PARTY  Dance Presentation “      The Total Look  !

We strongly suggest that the bride and groom have their own private lessons , as naturally ,they are the main attraction and really need a suitable and special  dance routine that they can enjoy and perform very well.

1. We will co-ordinate the entrance to the dance of all the couples involved in the bridal dance
(eg:  bridemaids and best man and groomsmen etc, bride and grooms parents, father and bride, mother and son etc )
2. Whilst there is a usual order of couples dancing it is up to the bride and groom to confirm this, and indeed, decide whom they wish to participate
3. We will teach all other couples, ( except the bride and groom ) the basic step of a dance that is most suited to the brides and grooms chosen music.
4. Bride and groom can choose all their music : we also have a large range of dance music.
5. So, from the very first step that the bride and groom take onto the dance floor to the enjoyment of having all family and friends dancing with them , we will co ordinate it.

  • Duration of  BPDP  “ The Total Look “ 1 ½ hours ( can be extended if required )
  • Iced Water, Tea, Coffee included.
  • Up to & including 10 people. $120 for 1.5 hours . Cash only.

For more people contact  Daele for fee.

Times available for the BPDP  “The Total Look”
Sundays – All day and evenings
Saturdays – 2pm to 9pm
Fridays – 8pm to 10pm
Monday to Friday, inclusive – 10am to 2pm

For more information or to make a booking please contact Daele
Let our experts ensure your wedding day will be full of wonderful happy dancing memories!

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