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Swing dancing is often extended to include other dances that are not, strictly speaking, swing dances: West Coast SwingCarolina ShagEast Coast SwingHand DancingJiveRock and RollModern Jive, and other dances developed during the 1940s and later.

LindyHop is granddaddy of all forms of jive, a partner swing-dance that incorporates 6 & 8 count moves, Charleston variations & Jazz steps. The dance originated in America during the 1920's by the black community dancing to Jazz music. There is a large Charleston influence in LindyHop, as that was the dance of the Jazz age.

Cutlers Dance Club

Cutlers Dance Club

WALK IN & DANCE OUT! Best & easiest lessons ever.

Our patient professional teachers include “Dancing With the Stars Professionals” & Top Choreographers & Performers. Pay less & learn from the best.

Jus' Dance Studio

Jus' Dance Studio

Jus’ Dance is Perth’s one-stop dance school specialising in teaching partner dancing. Since opening its doors in 2000, Jus’ Dance has developed a diverse range of dance classes for dancers of all levels of experience – from beginners through to professional, medal dancers.

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