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The Harvey region encompass an area of approximately 1,766 km2 and a growing population of 27,723 (ABS 2016 Estimates) the Shire of Harvey is located in the South West region of Western Australia, a leisurely one and a half hours drive from Perth.

Harvey is clearly a country town, a rural community. The surroundings of the place are still up in agriculture, with beef and dairy farming the most obvious land uses, and the horticultural pursuits of citrus growing in evidence fairy liberally.

Clearly there has been a timber industry, but it’s been gone for some time and evidence is not easy to see. Things continue to change too, with the arrival of wine and table grapes as important as crops in the area.

There are a number of Dams up in the hills behind Harvey and the place can be a Mecca for water skiers in the summer.

As the main town is the northernmost Shire in the South West, it has a role in providing a social and service centre for the farms and other pursuits. The broad main street still seems to contain a lot of utes, and this is clearly a working community, retaining the resilience and sense of community common to rural communities.

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